Sunday, April 20, 2008

About Rock Trolls

My niece Audry asked me the question "What is a Rock Troll?"

Last summer Kevin and I went to Amarillo, Texas to pick up our grand kids, Kaiya and Riley.

We had this great plan to play movies for the kids on our portable DVD player. When we were all settled in the car and ready for the seven hour journey to Denver, we inserted the first DVD, and nothing happened. Much to our dismay the player was broken. Faced with seven hours of children in a confined area ,we resorted to imagination. We started telling them stories. Let me tell you, we came up with some good ones. The very best was Rock Trolls. In case you haven't noticed, rocks are one of the things that you can find in every state and every nation on the earth. In fact, they're even floating in space. What you may not know is that they are really Rock Trolls. Many Rock Trolls spend hours, days, and even years in hibernation. They are actually very shy and only come out when there's a full moon and then they dance by the light of moon under the stars. This mostly happens in the land of enchantment, which would be New Mexico. (yes, we drove through a part of New Mexico and saw a lot of Rock Trolls) The story goes on and on, in fact seven hours. Some of the Rock Trolls are famous. I included pictures of a couple of our favorites.

Can you see the eye of a large Rock Troll?

If you check out this web site you can see more, absolutely amazing Rock Trolls.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The other Cowboy

I guess that most of you don't know that I married a real life cowboy. To prove this to you here is his picture. He's very cute and full of spunk. He looks just the same as he did then, and hasn't changed a bit. Well, the horse is gone, he's a little taller and a wee bit older, but I love him just the same. Ride em cowboy.