Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Kevin and Sylvia Less 75 Pounds

This year Kevin and I are starting January with our new selves. Let me go back many months and say I decided last April that I was sick and tired of being over-weight. The first thing I did was give up my Achilles heel, SWEETS! Sweets include most the things that I like, candy, pie, and anything else with lots of sugar including soda of any kind. I went down to a 1700 calorie diet and stayed at my same level of activity. I tried to fix meals that gave me the most bulk for the smallest calories. I never miss a meal unless I'm fasting and if I have a bad day I start anew the next day. I have been a walker for most of my adult life and would walk a couple of miles every day. The first few weeks nothing happened, but I stuck with it and finally my body slowly began to shed the weight. After the first couple of weeks Kevin joined me in my effort and that made it kind of fun, and so much easier.One of the amazing parts about loosing the pounds for me is that my energy level seemed to rise in direct proportion to the weight I lost. Part way through this effort the weight loss started to really slow down, that's when we picked up our level of exercise. For our anniversary we bought a tread mill and that helped a lot. We can go down and watch a movie or listen to a book on the Ipod and stay fit. At this point I had reached my goal of weight loss and was feeling great. We climbed the mountain and made it to the top. Then I found the spin bike at a garage sale. I started with four minutes, all that I could handle and now I'm up to 40 minutes. Because of that bike I lost another ten pounds. We have each lost 35 pounds and it took us about 7 months. You can do it too. Don't give up. I need to get down and spin a little before work. Good Luck!