Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why the World Needs Good Fathers

In the last year I have had the wonderful opportunity to visit all of my children. It is so fun to see them in their natural habitat and to watch how they interact with the other wildlife in the vicinity, especially when it's their children. As I watched all of them with the little ones, I was reminded once again how important a good mother and father are to a child. Right now I'll concentrate on the Daddy portion of the family.

In our home it started with a really great father my husband Kevin.........

What a great father he has been to our children. Always putting Myself and the kids before his own needs and wants. A sense of humor, and a quiet nature have made him an ideal dad. It gave our girls an example of the type of man they would marry, and it gave the boys a prototype to follow, and follow his example they all have.

When it comes to Dads, it's hard to beat Jayson. My respect and love of him has grown in direct proportion to the number of kids he has. His kindness and patience with all his children, boggles the mind. When he walks in the door of his home he is surrounded by a group of adoring fans. If ever love was spoken it is here in this home.

Mike, my daughter Alicia's husband is really FUN. When I see him with his boys it makes me wish that I could be little and play around with him the way that they do. His love of his kids just radiates from his face when he's with them, and you can tell that they are secure in the knowledge that they are loved by their father.

Joel, my youngest son has sacrificed much of his time to care for the needs of his children. As a soldier in the army he has spent long hours away from the people that he loves most. I know for a fact that the 15 months that he spent in Iraq were the hardest of his life. Because of the times when he has been gone, the moments
that he does have with his children are more precious to him then to those of us who see our kids every day.

Alex, Megan's husband isn't a dad yet, but I've seen him with babies and his younger siblings. From what I've seen, I have no doubt that he'll be one of the great ones.

The common thread with all these fathers is the unbounded love they have for their kids. What a difference these children will make in the world when they grow up, and in a big part, because of truly great fathers.