Saturday, January 22, 2011

Now I can rant and rave^--^

Let me just say that I have no idea why I put the picture of Megan's cat, Tony the Tiger on this blog. But it's really cute.

Thanks to Tobi I can now blog once again. Tobi is my personal blog fixer-upper. It looks great Tobi. You're a genius.

I have wanted to rant and rave on my blog about several issues in the last few months, but the thing that has driven most crazy is Google. My question is-----Who died and left them in charge? Suddenly I could not get into my blog. The email address and the password that I have used for years was not responding. Every time I tried to post I'd throw my hands up in despair, stomp off, and loose a lot of air. I am a world class sigh-er. I can let out enough air in one sigh to inflate the Hindenburg. Today was a little different. Yes I was still loosing a lot of air and ranting all over the house but I decided I just couldn't let this technology get to me. I settled into the computer chair determined to conquer. As I explored my options a memory came back to me. Oh yes, I changed to a google account several months ago but I couldn't remember my own address. The reason I changed is because I was forced by Google to do so. Ha ha! I found the address on my smart phone, and was able to get a new password. Thanks to Tobi I'm back, but I'm not sure anybody will notice. It's been a long time. Sigh!