Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Annual Sylvia Awards

As I was talking with my sis the other day (that would be V for Victorious). We started disgusting, oops I mean discussing the Academy Awards. That's the show on TV that ended the writers strike and lets the worlds most famous (or would that be infamous) megalomaniacs flaunt themselves before their adoring fans. They choose among themselves the best and brightest ( the ones with the most clout or points obtained from who knows where) to receive awards. You know all this already so I won't assault your intelligence any further. The point is, that they choose, and then tell the world that this is the best they have to offer. I beg to differ. So here for the first time ever, I present the first annual (the theme from Star Wars plays) Sylvia Awards! I know what your thinking... who cares? That however, sounds kind of like a personal problem; so here it goes anyway.

Best Musical Score goes to .............. Hairspray

Let's face it, that was a really fun movie, it made you smile the whole time you were watching . The girl who played the lead, Tracy Turnblad, was so happy that you wanted to bottle some of it up to take home with you. If a movie makes you want to sing along, it must be the best. Kind of like another winner "The Sound of Music". It's hard to believe that a movie like The Sound of Music could ever have received one of those OTHER awards. It wouldn't in this day and age.

Best Choreography goes to......................Stardust

You know that scene where the dead brother is sword fighting with the hero. I thought that was great, how did they do it? It was also extremely funny in a dark and weird way.

Best Screenplay Adaption from a book (have you noticed that almost all the screenplays are from books these days) goes to..........Bourne Ultimatum

If any of you have ever read Robert Ludlum's books, and I don't like to speak ill of the dearly departed, but good grief they were often boring and long. I thought they did a great job of moving the story along and making the fans long for more. It helps when you have an action star who can actually act.

Best Actress goes to........Amy Adams

How can anyone resist a princess who is so happy and clueless. She can sing rats and bugs into doing the dirty work and make darling clothing from anything at hand. You've got to love that.

Best supporting actress............John Travolta

Talk about getting in touch with his feminine side. I thought he was great as a woman and I think he should make it permanent (just joking John).

Best actor............Matt Damon

Is anybody else out there metaphorically holding their breath to find out what happens next to Jason Bourne?

Best supporting actor..............What's his name? You know, the guy who plays Severus Snape in Harry Potter. Oh yea..............Alan Rickman

He is so oily and creepy that you want to wash your hair after watching him.

On a side note, I thought that Daniel Radcliffe's acting was almost good in The Order of the Phoenix.

Now the best movie of 2007...................Stardust

Fun, weird, reality based, oops, I meant non-reality based. It had romance, action, good, evil, and a lot of dead brothers. In short, everything you'd ever want in a movie sans Jimmy Stewart.

Here I am presenting the Sylvia Award to Matt Damon

Well, that's it for the Sylvia Awards until next year (if I like any of them, and so far it's not looking too good).


Joel said...

well I know that this movie came out in 2006 but I think the award for the worst adaptation of a book should go to the Eragon movie. Did the guy who wrote the screen play even read the book?

Matt said...

I liked "StarDust," but I don't know if I'd give it the movie of the year.

I'm definitely with you on "Hairspray," and was disappointed that it didn't garner more awards.

The biggest surprise this year for me was "August Rush." I thought this was an excellent film with a powerful message centered around family (specifically the role of parents). I was disappointed that the critics panned it, but this comes as no surprise since Hollywood wants to destroy families.

I think Freddy Highmore is an excellent actor and every film he's every done puts a smile on my face. Another movie he did "Finding Neverland" is in my opinion one of the best films made in the past 25 years.

Anna said...

This is Anna-not-Snyder-White! How are you? I was excited to read your Sylvia awards. And happy to see the awards Stardust was given. We recently saw that movie and decided it was a classic. Love it! You're the best! I am glad you got to hang out with my mom last month--it was a highlight for her!! :)

Spymommy said...

Yipee! I'm so excited for another blog from Crazy Granny! Now that you've had three posts, I feel I can add you to my list of blogs to check out . . . I think you're really in it for the long haul now! :)

As for the Sylvia awards - I wish they would've televised them INSTEAD of the Academy Awards. You look better in your picture than most of those women!

I do enjoy Alan Rickman - and was just thinking about him on my Jane Austen Sunday night. Hopefully the new Sense & Sensibility will help me forget all the other agregious mistakes they've made with the adaptations thus far.

Keep it up critic . . . yours is an opinion I can trust!

The Queen Vee said...

The Academy awards and show, as we discussed, are a self licking icecream cone! Now with "The Annual Sylvia Awards", I have for the first time in years, actually seen all but one of the movies given awards.

I think the Beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer deserves a "Sylvia" supporting actress award for Stardust. Also would you consider, for next year, sending out ballots via your blog so we could all vote. Of course you would decide on the categories and nominee

And finally Sylvia, like a really great movie your looks are standing the test of time, or maybe you keep that portrait up in the attic.

Tobi said...

I'm personally not a fan of Hairspray. I just didn't get it.

However the I agree with the rest of your awards. I think you should do at least one blog every few months about the movies you saw and liked or disliked.

The Carlsons said...

I love it all!

Rachelle said...

The babies totally agree with the award for Hairspray. It has become part of our evening routine to sing and dance to the Hairspray soundtrack. They love it. Riley and Kaiya are so cute dancing for the babies.

So I am dying to know---Was Matt Damon as buff in real life as he was in the movie? (It is hard to tell from the picture since his arms are covered...)