Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tobi's Fan Club

Memorial Day is the day that we honor our fallen soldiers, men and women who have given their lives in defense of this country. I however, want to honor those who are left behind when soldiers go to war, most particularly my daughter-in-law Tobi.

When Tobi's husband (my son) Joel was deployed to Iraq in August of 2006, Tobi and their sweet children, Alec, and Cora were left behind. Not having lived in Texas for a very long period,I'm certain that they felt like strangers in a strange land. Tobi was terrified at the prospect of twelve months as the sole parent and caregiver of two kids living far from her family.

Despite this and the constant worry about a husband living in a war zone, Tobi rose to the occasion. I'm so proud of her for facing those many months, and numerous challenges all by herself. We tried to give her as much support as we could, but when it comes right down to it, she had to do it herself.

I know that she had many long periods of loneliness and depression. She had to deal with all the little things that come with cars, homes, children, far away husbands and poopy cribs. She was a great support for Joel while he was gone and talked with him on the computer almost every day. Sick kids, potty training, care giving are what she did day in, and day out. When the army increased Joel's tour of duty to 15 months I really worried for her. I know that they were both devastated when this happened, but Tobi bucked up and carried on.
As I look back on those months it seems obvious to me that a loving Heavenly Father kept his eye on Joel and Tobi. For that I will aways be grateful.

Tobi is one in a million. She would give you the shirt off her back if she thought that you needed it. She is lots of fun and extremely bright. She is also very beautiful with the most amazing eyes. In other words, I'm Tobi's #1 fan ( I suspect her Mom might not agree with that) and she's something very special to me.
Thanks Tobi, I love you


Kernal Ken said...

Okay, Crazy Granny, you can be Tobi's #1 fan, but the Queen Vee and I want a place in the Top Five!

I first met Tobi at Joel's graduation from Basic Training. I knew then that she was a genuinely nice person, but I worried as to how she would adapt to being an Army wife. I need not have worried.

She has been and remains a trooper, willing to do what she must to support her husband, her family and her country. The Anderson Zoo Keeper is yet another, with her husband on his second deployment to Iraq.

We often hear politicians say how grateful they are to military families, but I wonder if they really "get it."

The Queen and I, as well as Crazy Granny and all of hers, "get it." And we salute Joel and Tobi, the Andersons, and many more that we know, for their service, their courage and their dedication to a really tough job that means our freedom is protected.

Happy Memorial Day!

Matt said...

Crazy Granny is an appropriate title for this blog if you think you are Tobi's number #1 fan. I think I speak for all husbands when I say that Joel has you beat in this category and there is nothing you can do about it.

Megan Of Parker said...

Pah! Shows how much you know about being part of a fanbase Matt. I am clearly Tobi's #1 fan.

Tobi said...


You are a very sweet woman and the very best mother in law a girl could ask for. I'm deeply touched by your praise and your admiration.

What I appreciate about you the most Sylvia, is your unswerving devotion to your children and your grandchildren. The bond you have with each of them is truly amazing. You love each one equally and you know them individually. It makes me so very happy that you love my children. For that alone you have my life long gratitude.

Love to Love you Sylvia! Your biggest fan...Tobi

Tobi said...


You are so awesome my little sis-in-law!! You think I should make cards? Like the Unicorn Club you started? I could charge people a five dollar entrance fee into the Tobi Fan Club. But if you want to be the number one fan then you have to like Megan. Cause Megan is just the coolest...

Love ya!!

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

Hip, Hip for Tobi!!

Us Army wives have to stick together and you are right - even though I haven't met her in person, I can tell she's a keeper.

From, the Keeper. ☺

Rachelle said...

How do I get my "Tobi Fan Club" card?

What a great memorial day tribute! Tobi is an amazing woman.

The Zenger Family said...

sounds like I need to meet this Tobi person.... but she sounds amazing!

Joel said...

I wouldn't say that I'm the #1 fan. more like the celebrity that she married. so maybe just #1 friend

Rod and LaDawn said...

I came across your profile and had to stop by. I figured anyone who liked Star Trek and called themselves Crazy Granny had to have a pretty cool blog! I'm so glad I stopped by. I esp loved this entry. I'm so thankful each and every day for the brave men & women who make the great sacrifice of being away from their loved ones to serve our country, and protect the freedoms we enjoy (and often take for granted). I can't even begin to imagine the toll it must take on a family to have to endure such long periods of separation. Please pass on my appreciation to your son and his sweet family for their amazing contribution to this country :)