Sunday, July 13, 2008

These are the voyages of the star ship Enterprise

"These are the voyages of the star ship Enterprise." When I was a young lassie about the age of fourteen, a new science fiction TV program began with those words. I was totally hooked from the first broadcast and quickly became a rabid Star Trek Fanatic (later called a Trekkie) I morned when the show was cancelled after the second season, and celebrated when because of the huge amount of fan protest, and fan mail they brought it back for a short time. Star Trek quickly became a rerun protege making it so all the fans out there could memorize the lines, the name of the ships, the numbers and titles of the shows, and every single detail. I have to admit I'm not quite that dedicated.

So why do I love it so much? I once read an article in the paper that said Star Trek fans and in fact science fiction geeks tend to have a higher IQ then the rest of the world. Do you think that the article could have been written by a fan? Anyway, I choose to believe that it's my high intelligence that makes me prone to love Sci-fi. The other reason is the total out of this world excitement that I get from Science Fiction. To me it is the ultimate escape, where literally anything is possible. Flying faster then the speed of light, universal translators, technology that can send a person to a different place without the use of a vehicle, not to mention the Vulcan Death Grip (which doesn't really exist). What is truly amazing is how much of it has become reality. Every time I answer my flip cell phone, I think of Star Trek. I think that's why I refuse to get a slider. Wow! I love it all.

My favorite character in the whole entire Star Trek saga and it's off-spring, is SPOCK. With a Vulcan father and a Human mother he was constantly trying to be like his father, all the while fighting the humanity of his mother. Woah! I really am a Trek Geek. Who is your favorite character and why?

Special thanks to Tobi the Great for making the music possible and also saving my sanity.

Megan's choice. Seven of Nine

Rachelle likes the name Riker but thinks Star Trek is not for her.

Tobi's choice. Data, the robot that wants to be a man.

I must admit that If it weren't for Spock I'd vote for Victoria's choice. "Q"

Elizabeth thinks it's a toss up with the before mentioned Seven of Nine, and the intellectual Captain Picard. Make it so.

If it hadn't been for the ever heroic, confident, and charismatic Captain Kirk, the Enterprise would never have left the ground, let alone earth. William Shatner's Portrayal of Kirk, was really the force behind the success of the show. He's one of the few actors from the entire franchise that has continued to act his entire life. I believe he won an Emmy last year for Boston Legal. Right on apis.


Megan Of Parker said...

Well it is of course 7 of 9. I mean we share so much in common; blond, Scandinavian ancestry, turned into a Borg. It is like we are sisters. And she gets to be with nice guy Chakotay.

Rachelle said...

I know I am the black sheep of the family because I do NOT share the love of Star Trek. Jayson tried several times to make me watch the fourth movie (or was it the second?) but I fell asleep everytime.

That being said, my favorite character is Riker. Considering I think I have only seen one episode, my selection was based entirely on the fact that he has a cool name. I would have even considered giving that name to one of my children if it wasn't associated with Star Trek. (we are into cool "R" boy names at our house...)

Tobi said...

I like Data. He has the best sense of humor. Even if he doesn't know that he is being funny. Great post Sylvia!

The Queen Vee said...

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Recurring character...Q member of the omnipotent Q Continuum

Played by John de Lancie.

Seasons 1-4 and 6-7

His name is easy to remember and easy to spell.

May you live long and prosper!

Elizabeth said...

I think I would have to go with Megan on this. I really like 7 of 9 although I do like Capitan Picard a lot. It may be a toss up between the two

Apis Melliflora said...

Captain Kirk!

Would the series have ever taken off if it weren't for his charming way with the ladies (and fetching aliens)? The alpha male has my vote, now beam me up, Scottie!

julie said...

For personal reasons it has to be Capt Kirk. He kicks butt and doesn't bother taking names. My number 2 would be Capt Picard. I must have something for Captains.

redelf said...

SPOCK!!! Always Spock!!!Since I was a little girl!

Which is odd because my husband is very Spock like, always trying to use logic on me and it only pisses me off and I tell him to shove his logic.