Thursday, February 10, 2011

These are a few of my least favorite things

I've thought a lot about what my sister Victoria said about the HATE word only being used for pornography and other heinous crimes, and I too truly hate and despise those types of things, but also I have a list of minor things that I hate. Here are a few of them..

Late Fees
Stubbed toes
Pot holes
Cracked fingers
Dirty toilets
Dentist drilling on my teeth(actually almost anything that a dentist does to me. Waiting in line at the post office when Bob is the only postal worker available.
My 2010 Word calendar at work that will not print the lines.
Tripping and falling
Dead car batteries

I know that HATE is a strong word, but I have strong feelings about this stuff. I hope I can be forgiven for all my hate crimes.

Next, I'll post a few of my favorite things, of which there are many, many more.


Megan Of Parker said...

I would also say Falling Down The Stairs on My Bum is something that I hate along with Papyrus. Maybe it's included in tripping and falling.

Having seen Bob in action at the post office I can agree with you, but strangely I don't hate the dentist.

Anonymous said...

I despise the dentist. I have a "Bob" at my post office too. I really don't like people who take up the whole aisle at Walmart.

The Queen Vee said...
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